KO Cup Draw and Fixtures

The venues selected for the first rounds of the Individuals and Pairs Knock-Out Competitions are now online, you can find more information by clicking the links below. You can download the complete competition layout in PDF form so you can keep track of the results.

Due to the number of matches in the Individuals competition, matches will commence from 8:00PM. Obviously some matches will have to start later following the earlier games but please let your opponent know in advance if you are going to be late. Players should all aim to arrive at the venue by 9:00PM latest, anyone arriving later without prior agreement may be disqualified for failure to show up to the event. Please apply some common sense and courtesy any communicate any difficulties before the event.

Just to remind everyone of the agreement that 7 days notice must be given if you need to rearrange a match, the 4th July is a free week for any 1st round games which need to be re-arranged, please ensure you inform the league of any changes.

Good luck to all entrants…