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New Team News and New Fixtures

Black Lion Hotel

A warm welcome to our newest members of the league, the Black Lion Hotel, just up the road from the Rovers Return. Some of you may be familiar with this venue from a couple of years ago when they were host to another league member.

This time around they are keen to build their own team, with future Captain Dave showing great enthusiasm and Diane, the landlady, eager to get involved. They have been advertising the pool league and have found a genuine interest from the punters.

We previously discussed the new team joining at the monthly meeting and decided that they could join at the mid-season point as the additional fixtures required did not extend the season too much.

In order to accommodate the additional team, it has been necessary to extend the season by 4 weeks in total. Each team will now have 2 weeks where they do not have a game.

10th August – Week 1

The Black Lion will have the BYE in the first week back after the break. The home teams for this match remain the same as before. The away teams will likely have changed as the entire fixtures are now different so please check carefully where you are now playing on the fixtures below.

Revised Fixtures