Derby Brewery Arms B

Team History

The Derby Brewery Arms (DBA) `B` team started out at the Crown & Cushion before the latter was sadly demolished in 2011. The team moved along with the `A` team to continue at the new venue. Many of the players remain from the Crown & Cushion, with some that have switched from the `A` team over the years including Les who originally played for the Hat & Feathers. A couple of new players have also been added to the roster since the move. Performance in the League has been good over the last few years with a number of experienced players in the team who have also done well in the knockout competitions.

Previous Awards

Gallon, League
2014-2015 Season, 2015-2016 Season, 2016-2017 Season, 2017-2018 Season, 2018-2019 Season, 2019-2020 Season

Derby Brewery Arms B Team Roster

PlayerPositionWins8 B.% WonPlayed
Andy CarrollPlayer2066.73
Ashley OwenPlayer13046.428
Billy FletcherPlayer15062.524
Craig ElliotVice Captain30076.939
Francis CarrollPlayer4030.813
Lee StirkPlayer000.00
Peter LemmeyCaptain18066.727
Tim KuaPlayer000.00