Team History

Newly formed for the 2014-2015 Season, this was the second team based at the Burton Arms Hotel, which rose from the ashes of the Smithfield Hotel team after the latter venue closed unexpectedly just before the season. Due to changes at the Burton this team now plays from the Steven Charles Snooker Centre. Captain Rob was a former Smithfield player for several seasons; the rest of the team are comprised of a selection of experienced players who have played for the Smithfield at one time or another, along with some welcome new recruits to the league.

Previous Awards

Gallon, League
2014-2015 Season, 2015-2016 Season, 2016-2017 Season, 2017-2018 Season, 2018-2019 Season, 2019-2020 Season, 2022-2023 Season

Lodgers Team Roster

PlayerPositionWins8 B.% WonPlayed
Bob KirkPlayer9034.626
Eddie MannionPlayer2018.211
Eric WinstanleyVice Captain25053.247
Noel MoylanPlayer8025.831
Ray CorlettPlayer17058.629
Rob HislopCaptain17058.629