Northern Quarter Pool League

Website Accessibility

I have had some feedback that, for a number of users, the information that used to be easily located is now hard to find on the new site. Please read the information below and let me know if you experience any problems accessing the new site or have any suggestions to make things better.

When viewed on a computer you should see a similar layout to the old site with quick access to the tables and results shown in a column on the right hand side of every page. A cascading menu is shown both at the top of the screen and in the left sidebar for access to the various sections of the site. Other links to the content are also located in the left sidebar.

If you are viewing this on a mobile device or tablet, the theme will attempt to responsively adapt to your screen size and orientation. Some older devices or software may not be compatible with the modern techniques used to achieve this and may display the page incorrectly.

Responsive Layout

This dynamic adjustment of the layout occurs gradually by moving the various sidebars to the bottom of the page, you can see this in action if you resize the browser window on your computer. You may also find that rotating your screen from portrait to landscape or vice versa changes the layout slightly on your device.

One action which I have taken, is to reduce the amount of content shown on the front page. This should limit the distance that you need to scroll down to reach this content, which automatically moves from the right sidebar (to make space for the main content), to a position just below the main content when using a small screen.

The “3 Line” Menu Button

One important navigation feature for small screen users which is probably easily missed is the top navigation menu, this shrinks away into a “three line” menu button, this can be found next to the green search button at the top right of the page.

The “three line” symbol has come to represent a menu on most mobile applications (especially on Android) and even some computer applications. Although it has some recognition from regular users of mobile devices it is in my experience often missed by the average person.

Design? Theme and Layout…

Finally, as creative views vary and design is very time consuming, the layout used on this site is the default WordPress Twenty Fourteen Theme with some very minor adjustments and recycled images.

If anyone would like to produce a better (in their opinion) theme then feel free to do so and send it in. Suggestions for menu links and layout changes are also welcome. All creative comments gladly received.

I reserve the right to use or not use any suggestions or submissions.


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