Northern Quarter Pool League

New Website Launch

Welcome to the new WordPress based web site for the Northern Quarter Pool League.

I have tried to keep the general layout the same, you will find the top lists of the league/gallon and player wins on the right as before. You can click the links above or to the left, or maybe below if you’re on a mobile device with a small screen, to navigate to the Fixtures, Results and other sections.

I have now added a link to the previous presentations and in there you will find the photographs.

I have made the league playing rules visible to all visitors and linked to on the main menu. I’ve also highlighted some of the slightly unusual and commonly misunderstood rules which should make them easier to identify and remember. You can print the rules straight from the site.

All users who had previously registered will have to register with this site again.  Captains and Players may eventually be able to do more on this site but this is not a high priority at the moment, let me know if you are a registered player and want to be able to submit items for inclusion on the site.

The plug-in (SportsPress) which I am using for the league management is quite new and still under development. It is not ideal for our pool league system, but does at least handle individual statistics out of the box and so provides a slightly better starting point than the old site, which was based on Joomla & League Results.

I had spent considerable time improving the League Results add-on for Joomla, to add the detailed statistics and various displays of the results and other information. In time this will be possible to change on the new site but for now some of the results and other information may be displayed in an inappropriate format.

Detailed player histories and proper game statistics (who played who) will not be available due to current limitations. Also please note that the tables do not at this time show the correct ranking for tied players or teams who should actually be ranked equally.

Please feel free to comment on any aspect of the website, your suggestions will help improve the site for all.

League Secretary