Northern Quarter Pool League

Round 26 – Burton Lodgers V Derby Brewery Arms ‘B’

The match between the Burton Lodgers and the Derby Brewery Arms ‘B’ was abandoned by the visiting Captain following a dispute during the fourth game.

I would like to take this opportunity to remind everybody of the guidance issued earlier this year in respect of Deliberate Fouls and guidance for Match Referees (click on the link to read the article).

Captains, please ensure all your players (especially those chosen to act as referee during league matches) are familiar with this guidance, as well as the Official Northern Quarter Pool League Playing Rules.

As a simple reminder – All competitors should remember and adhere to Rule 1 at all times.

The incident will be discussed further at the next meeting.

Although the result does not have any major implications for the tables at this late stage in the proceedings, in the interests of sportsmanship, it is proposed that the match will be completed as originally drawn when convenient after the end of the season.