Northern Quarter Pool League

Individuals KO Cup Results and Schedule

The first match night of the KO cup took place last night and all the results are now in.

I have also set out the venues for the third round games, as the astute will notice, it may be possible for some players to play off the third round on the 2nd July, if they want to and they have enough time.

If anybody cannot make the date of the third round then please arrange to play on an alternative date with your opponent AND LET ME KNOW.

Read on for the schedule, all items in italics are for the third round. You can also find the information for each specific date by clicking on the calendar to the left.

Round 1 Round 2 Round 3 Venue
18th June / 2nd July 18th June / 2nd July 16th July  
Andy Carroll (2)
Geoff Lees (1) Andy Carroll (2)
Brian Cleator (1)
Andy Carroll
Allan Winn (2) Allan Winn Wheatsheaf
Steve Smiles (1) Allan Winn (2)
John Jacka (0)
Jimmy Rourke
Graham Shallcross S.C. Snooker
Marek Dulovic
Greg Hall (0) Paul Chesser Burton Arms
Paul Chesser (2) Paul Chesser (2)
Steve Ryan (0)
Craig Elliott (0)
Simon Shakespeare (2) Simon Shakespeare (1)
Eddie Mannion (2)
Eddie Mannion Derby B. Arms
James Simpson Burton Arms
Mike Wright
Mike Eskowitz Burton Arms
Keiron Noonan
Sam Hindocha Burton Arms
Sam Hindocha (2)
Ray Corlett (1)
Paul Harris (2)
Dave Chester (0)
Paul Harris S.C. Snooker
Rob Hislop S.C. Snooker
Ray Bryan
Francis Carroll S.C. Snooker
Paul Jackson
Harold Williams S.C. Snooker
John Dixon (1)
Harold Williams (2)
Derek Noonan Derby B. Arms
Dave Rattigan
Derby B. Arms
Harry Dickson Derby B. Arms
David Walsh
Les Upton Wheatsheaf
Bob Kirk
Eric Winstanley Wheatsheaf
Peter Lemmey