Northern Quarter Pool League

Half Time Whistle Blows

Just in time for the World Cup in Brazil, we reach the halfway mark in our current season and the fight for the top spot in the league couldn’t be more closely matched, read on below to find out more about the situation as it stands.

The next eleven weeks will see the KO Cup competitions played out to their conclusion, before the League recommences for the second half of the season on the 3rd September. More details on the knockout cup are found at the end of this post.

Good Luck to everyone taking part!

Individual Performances

Except for some individual scores from last week, the online results are now fully up to date. The Top League Player listing currently shows a narrow lead for James Simpson of the Wheatsheaf Oaks over three players tied for second place including Paul Jackson of the Burton Arms, both these players have been strong performers in this competition in previous seasons. Also in the tie for second place are two players from the Steven Charles team, Allan Winn and Simon Shakespeare.

Paul Harris of the Derby `A` remains the only player to complete an Eight Ball Clearance, doing it not just once but twice so far in this season. Given the rarity of these events, I wouldn’t be surprised if he has already done enough to take the trophy this year.

League Situation

Steven Charles narrowly hold on to the number one position with just a single game giving them the lead by goal difference at 39 games won and 21 games lost. The Derby `A` team are hot on their heels with equal match wins and points, both teams having lost just 2 matches from the 12 played so far in this season.

Both the top teams have a clear four match lead from the next place down, with the Derby `B` team sitting 3rd with just a 50% record so far (6 wins / 6 losses), and a similarly matched record of games won at 31-29.

Next up is the Wheatsheaf Oaks, with a perfect 30-30 record and a slightly below par 5 wins to 7 losses. The Burton Arms team sneak in next with an identical win count to the Oaks, but a full match worth of games less at 25-35.

The newly formed Burton Lodgers team take sixth position, just 4 wins from 12 matches despite winning more individual games than the sister team at 28-32. Last, but by no means least, the Trotters round off the table with 2 matches won so far and a respectable 19 games won by the players.

Gallon Situation

A familiar sight is found at the top of the Gallon table, with Steven Charles again taking the top position with just three games lost.

Below the top spot however, a slightly different story can be found, the Burton Arms take second place, two games behind the leaders and one ahead of the next two teams below.

The Burton Lodgers and Derby `A` share third spot, with both hitting the 50% mark at 6 wins and 6 losses. The two Wheatsheaf teams (Oaks and Trotters) share fifth place, just one more loss behind at 5-7.

Finally, bringing up the rear lies the Derby `B` team, again just one more game behind having won just 4 and lost 8 so far.

With just 3 wins difference covering second to seventh, anything could happen in the next half of the season.

Knockout Cups

We now take a break from the League matches in order to play the annual Knock Out competitions for Individuals and Pairs.

The fixtures for the first two dates of each can be found on-line through the various links on the site, fixtures for subsequent matches will be published as soon as possible after previous rounds are completed.

The schedule posts contain the entire set of fixtures for each event, the individual date entries (which can be found from the calendar to the left or the countdown link to the right or the KO Cup section of the fixtures) also have the respective match information listed.

If you cannot attend any of the dates in the Individuals and Pairs calendar please let me know in advance and I will try to schedule the games to suit should you progress further.