Northern Quarter Pool League

They think it’s all over…

Congratulations to the Derby Brewery Arms ‘A’ team, this year’s champions in the Northern Quarter Pool League.

Commiserations to the Steven Charles Snooker Centre team, pipped at the post for the top spot, but nevertheless , this year’s Runners Up in second position.

The Steven Charles team also secured top spot in the Gallon league, with the Burton Lodgers team also securing the Runner Up position with their final result.

The award for Most League Wins goes to Simon Shakespeare from the Steven Charles team, with a total of 20 wins from 26 games played.

The award for Most 8 Ball Clearances goes to Paul Harris from the Derby ‘A’ team with a grand total of just 2 successful clearances. Also deserving a mention, Sam Hindocha of the Steven Charles team, who was the only other player to also make an 8 Ball Clearance this season.

Round 26 revisited

Following the abandonment of this game it was discussed in depth at the meeting. The incident in question began with an alleged ‘Deliberate Foul’, the away player in this case potting the opponents ball whilst playing a shot. The referee declared a normal two shot foul.

The opposing (home) player did not agree with this decision, protested verbally to the referee, and then proceeded to announce (to several people within earshot) that he would ‘show you a deliberate foul’. Following this shot, which by all accounts was clearly an example of a deliberate foul, the referee was not capable of making a clear decision and the away captain abandoned the match in protest.

After a unanimous vote it was decided that the game in question be awarded to the away team for failure to adhere to Rule 1 by the home player. The match was up to that point standing at 2-1 to the home team. This ruling makes the score 2-2 and the final deciding game and the gallon game will be played on the 17th December.

The results from this match do not affect the outcome of the League or Gallon, however in the interests of Sportsmanship it would be preferable for this to be completed in good faith.

Deliberate Fouls

Following our latest meeting, we again discussed a scenario relating to deliberate fouls. Again, I would like to reiterate that the rules do not discriminate against any shot resulting in a foul other than the specific instances listed under 7. Loss Of Game.

In certain situations, it may be possible for a referee to decide that a player has not made any attempt to play a legal shot and therefore forfeits the game for unsportsmanlike conduct. This is at the discretion of the referee and as stated in Rule 1, the referee is the sole decision maker.


Should a player feel that a referee has acted improperly, that player (or their Captain) shall refuse to carry on the game and should make a complaint to the league. The situation will then be discussed at the next meeting and the league will make a decision as to any punishments imposed.

Any player wishing to protest against a referee’s decision must refuse to continue the game. A player continuing a game under any circumstances accepts that the referee’s decisions are final.


It is also clearly within the rules that a player does not have to take a shot when it is inevitable that a foul will result. This is covered in the rules under section 9. Stalemate.

This rule gives the referee the power to declare a re-rack (with the current player re-starting) when either;

  1. A player cannot play a legal shot – for instance when their ball is frozen to an opponents ball in the jaw of a pocket and any attempt to remove this ball will most likely result in a foul.
  2. Neither player is allowing the game to progress – this may be a difficult decision to make, however, we should remember that pool IS NOT snooker, any game which lasts more than perhaps fifteen minutes may suggest that the game is not progressing.

I would not suggest that every game that passes the fifteen minute mark be declared a re-rack, nor should every opponent’s ball which is potted become a loss of game event.

The rules are what they are, they cover the majority of situations in black and white. Any further interpretation is down to the referee.

I would like to reiterate that the main purpose of this league is to provide a friendly but competitive atmosphere. All the players in our league are amateurs (sorry if anyone finds that offensive) and we all strive to play the game in the spirit in which it is intended.

I should also point out that despite possible appearance from the bulk of the posts on this website, official complaints such as this are extremely rare in our league, thank you to the majority for always behaving in an appropriate manner.

As they regularly say on Crimewatch, do sleep peacefully.