Steven Charles Snooker

Team History

Steven Charles Snooker have been with the league for several years now. The team features some former Ducie Bridge players, including Captain Mike Eskowitz. Mike Wright joined the squad after starting out in the league with the short lived City Pub team. The rest of the team comprises a core set of players from the Snooker Centre, many of whom live and work nearby. Initially the Snooker Centre was feared by many teams when first admitted to the league, but they failed to show any supreme abilities in their first few seasons. Recently their performance has been outstanding.

Previous Awards

Gallon, League
2014-2015 Season, 2015-2016 Season, 2016-2017 Season, 2017-2018 Season, 2018-2019 Season, 2019-2020 Season

Steven Charles Snooker Team Roster

PlayerPositionWins8 B.% WonPlayed
Connor MoorePlayer3033.39
David WalshPlayer1014.37
John GregoryPlayer6042.914
Mike EskowitzCaptain26060.543
Mike WrightPlayer1016.76
Paul MarshallPlayer15068.222
Sam HindochaVice Captain18078.323
Simon FittonPlayer7041.217
Simon ShakespearePlayer7077.89