Northern Quarter Pool League

League Wins 2014-2015

n4ballMost League Wins Awardn4ball

The award for Most League Wins will be presented to the player who wins the most games in league match events during the season.

In the event of a tie a play off match will be played to determine the outright winner.

League Wins 2014-2015

RankPlayerTeamWins% WonPlayed
1Simon ShakespeareSteven Charles Snooker2076.926
2James SimpsonOaks1976.025
3Allan WinnSteven Charles Snooker1976.025
4Paul JacksonSnooker Loopys1872.025
5Tony CampbellOaks1669.623
6Paul HarrisDerby Brewery Arms A1672.722
7Geoff LeesDerby Brewery Arms A1669.623
8Sam HindochaSteven Charles Snooker1568.222
9Eric WinstanleyLodgers1560.025
10Harry DicksonSnooker Loopys1456.025
11Peter LemmeyDerby Brewery Arms B1456.025
12David RattiganLodgers1463.622
13Mike EskowitzSteven Charles Snooker1460.923
14Rob HislopLodgers1463.622
15Graham ShallcrossDerby Brewery Arms A1368.419
16Steve SmilesOaks1359.122
17Craig ElliotDerby Brewery Arms B1352.025
18Andy CarrollDerby Brewery Arms B1260.020
19Paul ChesserSteven Charles Snooker1248.025
20Marek DulovicDerby Brewery Arms A1266.718
21Harold WilliamsDerby Brewery Arms A1164.717
22Bob KirkLodgers1050.020
23Greg HallTrotters1045.522
24Eddie MannionLodgers1041.724
25Anthony MinogueDerby Brewery Arms A990.010
26Billy FletcherDerby Brewery Arms B981.811
27John CaseyTrotters833.324
28Ray BryanDerby Brewery Arms B857.114
29Steve RyanSnooker Loopys833.324
30Derek NoonanTrotters741.217
31Harry InchboldTrotters735.020
32Peter WebsterSnooker Loopys733.321
33Alan JacksonSnooker Loopys729.224
34John DixonOaks640.015
35Spence KnowlesDucie Bridge541.712
36Ashley OwenDerby Brewery Arms B555.69
37Brian CleatorDerby Brewery Arms A538.513
38Danny CarneyOaks533.315
39Les UptonDerby Brewery Arms B541.712
40Jimmy RourkeOaks426.715
41George CunliffeDucie Bridge433.312
42Keiron NoonanTrotters417.423
43Dave ChesterOaks426.715
44Ray CorlettLodgers433.312
45Rick LallyDucie Bridge333.39
46Francis CarrollDerby Brewery Arms B333.39
47David WalshSteven Charles Snooker250.04
49Steven KellyTrotters250.04
50AdamDucie Bridge220.010
51John JackaDerby Brewery Arms A266.73
52Steven ShawDucie Bridge125.04
54Les MycockSnooker Loopys1100.01
55StuartDucie Bridge00.03
56Wayne CampbellTrotters00.02
57Alan DixonOaks00.00
58Brian MaddenDerby Brewery Arms A00.00
59DaveDucie Bridge00.01
60Mike WrightSteven Charles Snooker00.04
61Matt WalshTrotters00.01
63CarlosDucie Bridge00.01
64Kenny UnsworthSnooker Loopys00.02
65James StannageDucie Bridge00.01
66Anthony JamesDucie Bridge00.03