Derby Brewery Arms A

Team History

The Derby Brewery Arms (DBA) `A` team history can be traced back through two now sadly demolished historical treasures.

Hat and Feathers, Mason Street, Manchester
Hat & Feathers, Mason St

Originally the team was based at the Hat & Feathers on Mason Street. Around 2007-2008, the Hat & Feathers closed down and the team moved to the Crown & Cushion, becoming the Crown & Cushion `A` team when a second team was formed at the new venue.

Sadly the pace of progress once again took precedence over historical interests; the Crown & Cushion was demolished to make way for the City Centre Ring Road and the new Co-Op HQ.

crown-and-cushionFollowing the demise of the Crown & Cushion, both teams moved to the Derby Brewery Arms and despite some personnel changes both remain true to their origins.

Previous Awards

Gallon, League
2014-2015 Season, 2015-2016 Season, 2016-2017 Season, 2017-2018 Season, 2018-2019 Season, 2019-2020 Season

Derby Brewery Arms A Team Roster

PlayerPositionWins8 B.% WonPlayed
Anthony MinogueVice Captain1033.33
Clive KieltyPlayer10100.01
Geoff LeesCaptain28057.149
Harold WilliamsPlayer9037.524
Julie CorriganPlayer3016.718
Stanley WoottonPlayer14048.329