Northern Quarter Pool League

League Wins 2015-2016

n4ballMost League Wins Awardn4ball

The award for Most League Wins will be presented to the player who wins the most games in league match events during the season.

In the event of a tie a play off match will be played to determine the outright winner.

League Wins 2015-2016

RankPlayerWins% WonPlayed
1Jeff Broom2184.025
2Marek Dulovic2175.028
3Simon Shakespeare2175.028
4Sam Hindocha2080.025
5David Rattigan2071.428
6James Simpson1872.025
7Paul Harris1773.923
8Andy Carroll1666.724
9Paul Jackson1661.526
10Billy Fletcher1562.524
11Mike Eskowitz1557.726
12Paul Jones1470.020
13Anthony Minogue1463.622
14Geoff Lees1458.324
15Tony Campbell1275.016
16Roy Hornby1254.522
17Peter Lemmey1250.024
18Harry Dickson1248.025
19Greg Hall1157.919
20Eddie Mannion1155.020
21Eric Winstanley1142.326
22Rob Hislop1055.618
23Les Upton1047.621
24Graham Shallcross1076.913
25Rick Lally939.123
26Alan Dobson861.513
27Andy McCarthy861.513
28Paul Marshall844.418
29David Walsh853.315
30John Dixon753.813
31Steve Smiles753.813
32Steve Ryan726.926
33Mark Wilson763.611
34John Casey736.819
35George Cunliffe729.224
36Alan Jackson728.025
37Spence Knowles625.024
38Peter Webster624.025
39Craig Elliot633.318
40Laurynas “Lou” Logminas531.316
41Alex Green545.511
42Harry Inchbold545.511
43John Jacka555.69
44Allan Owen423.517
45Keiron Noonan423.517
46Alan Edwards433.312
47Dave Chester444.49
48Ramis Zeqo337.58
49Jimmy Rourke350.06
50Ashley Owen333.39
51Mike Wright337.58
52Rob Gill228.67
53Louis Callaghan2100.02
54Mark Morton1100.01
55Derek Noonan125.04
56Francis Carroll116.76
57Jane Moss00.00
58Margaret Purcell00.00
59Matt McKean00.00
60Allan Winn00.00
61Joey Evans00.00
62Rob Johnson00.00
63Max Hammond00.00
64Ray Corlett00.01
65Steven Shaw00.012
66Paul Chesser00.00
67Brian Cleator00.00
68Harold Williams00.03
69Danny Carney00.00
70Bob Kirk00.00
71Les Mycock00.00