Individuals KO – Round 1


Matches commence from 8:00PM at all venues. All players must arrive at their venue by 9:00PM at the latest unless advised prior. All games should be completed before 11:00PM.

Venue  Round 1
Crown & Anchor Dave Wolfenden
v Stan Wootton
Crown & Anchor Rick Lally
v Roy Hornby
Crown & Anchor Mike Eskowitz
v Les Upton
Crown & Anchor Dave Walsh
v Geoff Campbell
Derby B. Arms Ray Corlett
v Paul Jackson
Derby B. Arms George Cunliffe
v Robert Hislop
Derby B. Arms Yassine Turkish
v Jason Riley
Derby B. Arms David Holt
v Mark Wilson
Steven Charles John Dixon
v Paul Jones
Steven Charles Jules
v Ashley Owen
Steven Charles Greg Hall
v Craig Elliot
Steven Charles Mike Wright
v Neil Griffiths
Steven Charles Marek Dulovic
v Andy Carroll
Steven Charles Simon Fitton
v Eric Winstanley
Steven Charles Spencer Knowles
v Sameet Hindocha
Wheatsheaf Geoff Lees
v Yama Rahimi
Wheatsheaf Simon Shakespeare
v Faz Riassati
Wheatsheaf Pete Webster
v Tim Kua
Wheatsheaf Pete Lemmey
v Francis Carroll


Date Time League Season
20 Jun 2018 8:00 pm Individuals KO Cup 2018-2019 Season

Box Score

Player Wins 8 B.