Rumours of our demise are greatly exaggerated…

Well, haven’t we had an interesting time. Our 25th anniversary year came and went due to the dreaded pandemic and now we are 2 full years on from the last planned season that never was. The March 2020 lockdown restrictions prevented any kind of social gatherings and forced the shutdown of entertainment venues meaning the season just didn’t get started.

Despite the varying lockdowns, local lockdowns, tiers, restrictions and plan B, some of our members did manage to meet up at Steven Charles when restrictions permitted and played a couple of mini tournaments to while away the time.

Sadly, we have also lost a few of our long term members during this enforced break and their happy faces will be sorely missed. The league wishes to express sincere condolences from all our members to their friends and family.

Although there is still continuing uncertainty, things do seem to be looking more optimistic this year and we may actually be able to resume our league competition. With this in mind we are planning to hold this year’s AGM as normal on the first Wednesday in February.

All captains should attend this meeting to ensure registration of their teams for the new 2022 season. The meeting is open to all members of the league to have their say, any news of venues will be most welcome given the probable issues that some may face. Any keen players interested in joining a team or forming a new team (at an existing or new venue in the area) are also invited to attend. Acceptance of new venues will be subject to approval.

The Northern Quarter Pool League 2022 AGM will take place at 8:00PM on Wednesday 2nd February at Steven Charles Snooker Centre.