Pairs KO Round 1 Fixtures

In order to ensure neutral venues for this round there are slightly more games to be played at the Derby.

Due to this the start time will be 8PM at the Derby and 9PM at all other venues.


G Lees & S Wootton V E Winstanley & E Mannion
A Owen & C Elliot V R Hislop & G Campbell

Derby Brewery Arms

H Dickson & S Ryan V J Dixon & S Smiles
D Walsh & M Eskowitz V J Simpson & M Wilson
G Cunliffe & S Knowles V J Casey & H Inchbold
G Casey & G Hall V S Shakespeare & S Hindocha

Steven Charles Snooker Centre

J Rourke & T Campbell V J Broom & P Jones


L Upton & H Williams
A Jackson & P Webster
M Wright & S Fitton
M Dulovic & R Bryan
B Fletcher & P Lemmey
P Marshall & P Marchment
R Corlett & N Moylan
R Lally & T Attewell
D Rattigan & P Jackson

You can download a PDF of the complete tournament here -> Pairs KO 2017