Northern Quarter Pool League

Individuals KO Cup Results 15th June

Below are the results of the first set of matches in the Individuals KO Cup. Venues for the 3rd Round will be confirmed once the remaining 1st and 2nd round matches have been completed.

Round 1 Round 2 Round 3
15th June 27th July
Ray Corlett (BLO) (DERBY B. ARMS)
Sam Hindocha (SCS) Ray Corlett (BLO)
Dave Chester (WSO) TBC
Ray Corlett (BLO)
Spence Knowles (SCR) (BURTON) Mike Eskowitz (SCS)
Mike Eskowitz (SCS) Mike Eskowitz (SCS)
Jimmy Rourke (WSO)
Steve Smiles (WSO) (SC SNOOKER)
John Dixon (WSO) Steve Smiles (WSO)
Mark Wilson (WSO) TBC
Mark Wilson (WSO)
Eric Winstanley (BLO) (SC SNOOKER) Paul Jones (WSO)
Harry Dickson (BUR) Eric Winstanley (BLO)
Paul Jones (WSO)
Jason Searle (DBA) (SC SNOOKER)
Steve Ryan (BUR) Steve Ryan (BUR)
Dave Rattigan (BLO) TBC
Dave Rattigan (BLO)
Les Upton (BLO) (WHEATSHEAF) Les Upton (BLO)
Tom Attewell (SCR) Les Upton (BLO)
Billy Fletcher (DBB)